Satellite Installation & Satellite Repair

At Aerials Direct, we provide a variety of different solutions in the satellite installation and satellite repair industry. As experts in fitting and managing satellites, we can make sure you get the help that you need to ensure you have the best possible signal, picture quality and consistency through your TV.

Satellite Installation

One of the most commonly provided services that we offer is satellite installation. We know that getting a satellite installed in the high buildings of Edinburgh can seem like a daunting process. Fear not though; we have all the means and know how needed to help correct this issue and leave you in a position to see positive change and improvement.

It does not take much work whatsoever to get you to this point; you simply need to contact us today. We can take a look and help you to decide what the best course of action would be in terms of where the satellite should go. Together, we’ll make sure you can get the kind of finish that looks great and works perfectly.

For a satellite installation that removes the obstacles to the clearest picture possible, then, be sure to start with our satellite installation today!

Satellite Repair

Of course, you may already have a satellite installed. At Aerial Direct, we don’t mind dealing with this for you and correcting the issue that you face. If you are suffering from a total lack of picture to having fuzzy, poor quality imagery then we can step in and provide a fitting solution. Our team know what it takes to get your satellite repair carried out in a timely, affordable manner.

From correcting the issues involved such as debris damaging the satellite to providing a replacement, we have many solutions. Rest assured; we never leave your residence or place of business until we have found a solution to the reasons why your satellite cannot work at full capacity.

So, contact us today: we can do everything that you need to make a simple solution come to fruition in the shortest space of time possible. For more help and information to correct this issue, contact us today.

We will be more than happy to make a positive adjustment based on your needs. Carried out properly, we can either get your satellite set up and installed, or repaired to top condition; just let us know what you need, and we’ll deliver it accordingly!