BBC Freesat, Freesat HD and Freesat+

Edinburgh Aerials Services Supplies and installs satellite dishes for freesat reception. Freesat launched in 2008, it is a non-subscription satellite TV service, which means that there are no monthly fees. Freesat brings you over 150 great digital TV and radio channels and Freesat boxes are available from most major retail outlets in and around Edinburgh, Lothian.


The standard freesat box starts at approximately £35 to £40. You can also purchase HD boxes and freesat plus boxes. We provide satellite dish installation services for all types of boxes. We also tune all equipment in for our customers on completion of the installations service.

Freesat Dish

Freesat Services

  • Freesat Systems Installed
  • Satellite Dishes Fitted
  • Satellite Dishes Realigned
  • Satellite System Installation
  • Over 150 Digital TV & Radio Channels
  • Free Digital TV from ITV and BBC
  • Up to 70 hours a week of HD
  • Not-for-profit owned by the BBC and ITV
  • Better Picture and Sound
  • Interactive TV with multiscreen options

There is no contract, subscription or ongoing payments when you choose to go with Freesat. To recieve Freesat you will need a working satellite dish and we at Edinburgh Aerial Services can advise you on all aspects of Satellite TV reception.

Freesat TV

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